Everyone Needs A Sibling Who Will Teach You Things You Would Never Learn Elsewhere

Me: On my test there was a question that I didn’t study for and made me think of you. Paraphrasing it, “Space exploration and aerospace led to which of the following modern technological advancement?” I chose the computer. All the other answers had something to do with radio waves and/communication.

Brother: Space is all about the passing of information. For example, when you call someone, your cell phone sends a signal to a radio tower, which then transmits that to a satellite, which then transfers that signal to another satellite that is overhead of whoever you’re trying to communicate, then signal goes from that satellite down to radio tower down to other user aka the person you’re trying to contact. It takes a lot of work.

However, computers aides in this process since computers are what controls the radio towers and controls your satellite. Radio waves are critical to communication too since there are a lot of different radio waves aka frequency that are used for communication. Some frequency are unsecured and some are secured (think military). So, the correct answer to your question would have been “all of the above.” You need all of them to have communication worldwide unless you want to use a can and string method to talk with someone.

The most critical part of space is GPS. GPS doesn’t just help you navigate, but the most important feature of GPS is time transfer. What I mean here is that everything we use everyday has a time clock built inside of it. GPS helps keep everyone’s time clock to be synchronized. If the clocks are out of sync then banks would be affected, internet would be degraded, cell phones would be messed up, transportation would be a big mess since stop lights runs on time clocks, and etc. That’s just for the civilian side of things. For the military, without GPS our capabilities would be greatly limited since a lot of what we use is reliant on GPS for example navigation of airplanes, ships, and satellite control, GPS guided munitions, and etc.

That was all via text message. Added here with minimal editing. Funny thing is, as I was typing the above, my sister texts me, “Hi, what is the singular plural for the word WHO?”


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