Last month I turned a quarter of a century. 25 years old. A milestone age in early adulthood. Not much feels different…yet. One thing for certain is the 12-year-old-me’s imagination of what a 25-year-old-me would be is not happening in real life. Married? Nope. Traveled the world? Nope. Dream job? Nope. Am I okay with that? Yes. Time has taken place between struggle to peace. Let that be a strong yes.

Lessons I learned while on the road to solitude:
Be brave to do things on your own. Watching a movie at the theaters, going to a professional sporting event, hiking a quarter-of-a-mile (note: “quarter”), are the few I’ve spent alone. Sometimes opportunities aren’t worth missing just because there isn’t company with you.
Make time to spend with people. I pencil in my planner scheduled hangouts. I look forward to these dates the most! Sometimes I feel if a person isn’t in my planner, they aren’t really in my life. It’s not that we are all too busy, it’s just about prioritizing time. The individuals we invest time with are the most important to us.
Fall more in love with God. I’ve given myself heart-checks in purposeful relationships. With God, it’s become head knowledge vs heart change. I am very aware of my need to know God for who He is instead of who I think He is. Vulnerability, obedience and devotion towards an almighty, sustaining, fearsome, all-satisfying, gracious God.
Explore right where you are. It’s easy to dream and talk of going to distant, bucket list worthy places. I cure my travel bug by adventuring right where I am. Traveling is all about being surrounded in newness. From new restaurants, new parks, new museums to new neighborhoods, search and go explore your state! Of course, always revisit favorites.
Stay driven with patience. After college, some jump start their professional careers, some completely change it up doing nothing related to what they devoted years of studying for, some find any job to conquer student loans. My current job description touches each category a little bit. Keep striving even if it takes re-dreaming your dreams.

Younger-than-25’s, what are values you find important? Other 25-year-old’s, what are some lessons you’ve learned? Beyond-25’s, what advice would you give to your 25-year-old self?